Science Fair Project Guide

The Science Fair Project Guide, from Science Buddies, is a terrific, award winning resource for students and teachers. The site has science fair project ideas, science news, a student section, a teacher and parent section. There are also tips and resources on doing research, how-to's, links to other resources, an ask-an-expert section, and a science careers section.

The site is a great place for students to start when working on science fair projects or even doing other science research.

Science Online

Science Online is a site that contains lesson plans, interactive activities, worksheets and links for K-8 science. The resources are sorted by grade level and topics, such as Force and Motion, Energy, Living Things, Cells, and many more.

The site can also be used by 9-12 teachers for inspiration, other resources, and remedial work. It is also a good place to get work for students having trouble with different concepts.

Thanks to my wife, Cori, a high school biology teacher, for this resource.

Anatomy Arcade

Anatomy Arcade is an interactive site to help students learn anatomy. It has free Flash games, interactives, and videos and is geared towards novice teenagers up to professionals.

The games are organized by type of game or by body system. There are also other links, an area for students, and an area for teachers. The games are fun, well-designed, and educational.

100 Ways Google Can Make You a Better Educator

100 Ways Google Can Make You a Better Educator is a great article on the Online Education Database. The article lists different ways to use Google's applications for communication, collaboration, research, organization and more in the classroom. It is short, sweet, and to the point and gives concrete examples of how to use Google's apps to make education better. Each tip is a link to either a Google app or how-to page or to another online article that describes how to use Google in that way.

The Online Education Database has many more great resources on their page too.